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At MassCUE last week, one of the tools that was shared was Photo Mapo.  This is an iPad app that allows you to create a digital post card.  Photo Mapo combines Google Maps with images and templates to create a slick looking post-card style image.  You can choose from different templates to select the “paper” style.  Add a photo and address to associate the photo with and Photo Mapo converts it into a really cool map image with a pin or “x” marks the spot.  You can easily adjust the “zoom” level so that you are looking at a map of the continent or street level map.  The app allows you to add a small amount of text describing the image which it adds to the digital post card.  I was most impressed by all of the ways in which you can share your PhotoMapo.  One of the things that can be frustrating with iPads is getting the work from the student’s iPad to the teacher.  PhotoMapo has a wide-range of sharing options (see below) that can be used to share directly with teachers or import your PhotoMapo as a .jpg image into another app for some AppSmashing.

Possible classroom uses of PhotoMapo:  ELA students could create post cards of important locations related to a literature selection they are reading and include important facts in their image’s “description” .  History students could use PhotoMapo with images of important people or events linked to their location on a map.  Science students can add images of animals and map their habitat and use the description area to indicate important facts about their animal (see exemplar).

Additional Info:

  • Link:  Link to to App in App Store
  • Cost:  Free (3 free templates, additional template style pack $0.99)
  • Platforms: iPad Only
  • Sharing:  Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr), Save to Camera Roll, Email (sends image), “Open In” – Google Drive (saves as a .jpg) & nearly any other app you have installed that works with images


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