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Social Stories with Adobe Spark Video

Social Stories with Adobe Spark Video Blog Post from Jenn Judkins Teaching Forward

Supporting Social Emotional Learning Elementary school students created social stories using Adobe Spark Video to support social skills development and reinforce tools and strategies to decrease anxiety within and outside of the classroom. The student-created videos were saved to Google Drive where they were organized by topic to serve as a resource for teachers, students and parents. This student-centered approach ...

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Remotely Sign Out from Gmail & Google Drive

Remotely Sign out of Drive & Gmail

As a heavy user of all things Google, there are occasions when have forgotten to log out of a session. ¬†With the increased presence of Chromebooks in schools, students and teachers may run into a similar problem since Chromebooks don’t automatically log you out from your Google account, leaving you vulnerable. ¬†Fear not! Remotely Sign Out from Drive & Gmail ...

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