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YouTube Tools Every Teacher Should Know

YouTube Tools Every Teac

Clean Up YouTube Videos to Share with Students

YouTube is a fantastic source for videos in the classroom if only teachers didn’t need to worry about distracting advertisements, inappropriate comments or annoying “suggested videos”.  Teachers should know there are some very effective tools that can de-clutter YouTube videos so they are safe and ready to share with students. 


Safeshare.tv allows teachers to remove unwanted distractions from videos as well as set a specific start and end time to clip longer videos. SafeShare.TV works with both YouTube and Vimeo content.

  1. Visit YouTube or Vimeo to find the video you want to safely share. Copy the link for the video you selected.
  2. Visit SafeShare.TV and paste the copied video link in the SafeView box.
  3. Click Generate SafeView and you’re done! The cleaned up video will display and you can bookmark and save the link back to the safe video or share it with students.

SafeShare Example


With ViewPure, you clean up distractions and create a unique, safe URL to your video. The site offers a button you can even drag into your browser’s toolbar to clean up any video right from YouTube.


  1. Go to viewpure.com and drag the PURIFY button into your browser toolbar.
  2. Visit YouTube and select the video you want to clean up
  3. Click the PURIFY button that is now in your browser’s toolbar to de-clutter the video.
  4. Copy and share the unique URL to direct students to the “purified” version of the video clip. The link can also be saved as a bookmark for later viewing.ViewPure

Example:  Before ViewPure: http://youtu.be/IJ2SHSg5rIY      After ViewPure: http://viewpure.com/IJ2SHSg5rIY


TubeChop:  Trim video to desired length and get unique URL with desired start and end points, free of distractions.


  1. Copy the share link for the YouTube video you want to use.
  2. Go to tubechop.com and paste the link into the share link.
  3. Click “Search” to locate the video as it exists on YouTube & click “Chop It” to edit the video start and end time.
  4. Adjust the start and end time to the desired length using by sliding the grey bars that appear below the video
  5. Copy and share the unique URL to direct students to the “purified” version of the video clip.

TubeChopExample:  Before Tubechop:  http://youtu.be/4hxIlAa8L9A      After TubeChop: http://www.tubechop.com/watch/2507020



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  1. Do you know what the ramifications are for our students in terms of citing the videos that they use viewpure and tubechop with? Everyone is concerned about the copyright and fair use policies connected to it and I would love your insight. Thank you.

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