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Jenn Judkins MassCUE presentation

Jenn Judkins

Jenn Judkins provides on-going professional development as well as in-class support to teachers and students in grades K-12 as a Digital Learning Coordinator in the Lynnfield Public School District in Massachusetts. An experienced middle and high school science teacher, she knows first-hand how technology can extend learning and engage students in ways that challenge them to higher levels of thinking.

Jenn is a Google for Education Certified Trainer, 2016 MassCUE Pathfinder, PBS Lead Digital Innovator. As regular presenterat regional and national conferences, Jenn shares her passion for meaningful integration of digital tools by helping teachers gain confidence and proficiency in their use of technology. She curates useful technology resources, tip sheets and integration ideas for educators on her blog, www.teachingforward.net and is a co-host on the TechEducator Podcast.  She can be found on Twitter @teachingforward  

Feedback from Workshop Attendees

“Fantastic presenter, incredibly relevant techniques and tools! I’m taking more away from this single session than I have at any other conference or PD session I’ve been to! The presentation and materials were outstanding. I’m already sharing what I have learned with other faculty members. This was truly the best workshop I’ve attended. The instructor was knowledgeable and entertaining. I could listen to her teach all day.”

“Jenn was very knowledgable and made time for all questions. Her enthusiasm is infectious. The information I learned today will revolutionize my communication and efficiency at work. A game changer. Jenn is outstanding as a presenter and teacher. I can’t wait to start using these skills”

“Jenn found a good balance between helping the individuals in the class and offering instruction to the group as a whole. It’s not easy to provide valuable instruction to such a diverse group of teachers. Hearing from the others in the class, it sounds as if Jenn succeeded in that.”

“This was AMAZING and so helpful. I feel like I have a whole toolbox of things that I feel comfortable using right away and some that I have gained some exposure to and need to practice on my own. I feel like this has been worthwhile PD.”

“This has been one of the very best workshops I’ve ever attended at GHS, if not the best. Everything I learned is practical and will have real impact on what I can do in the classroom. Mrs. Judkins is really what made the experience work; I’ve never heard someone talk about computer programs in a way that’s fun and clear for even an hour, and she filled two days.”

Previous Clients

Jenn provides professional develop workshops focused on effective technology integration and Google Apps (G Suite for Education) to many districts throughout Massachusetts. Below is a sample of some of the school communities she has worked with. For more information about in-district professional development workshops email jennjudkins@teachingforward.net

TeachingForward Clients MA Schools