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Get Kids Coding Quickly with Scratch Teacher Accounts

Scratch Teacher Accounts simplify class management of Scratch projects
Scratch Teacher Accounts are a new addition to the Scratch platform that allow teachers to create and manage student accounts, eliminating login issues for kids. Since Scratch is the go-to, block-based coding platform for many teachers and students in grades 3 & up, this is a welcome addition that will save valuable class time. With Scratch Teacher Accounts, you can also organize student projects into “studios” and monitor comments from students. This now makes it easier to share and provide feedback to student-created programs.

Get a Scratch Teacher Account

Scratch teacher accounts can be requested using THIS FORM. If you have an existing account and want to “upgrade” to a teacher account, you will need to email the Scratch team at teacher-accounts@scratch.mit.edu to request the change.

Scratch Teacher account menu dashboard

My Classes

The Scratch teacher dashboard is visible from the main login page, as seen above. From here you can access “My Classes” and do the following:

  • Set up Class profile (1)
  • Create student accounts (2)
  • Reset passwords (2 – under “Students” –> “Settings”)
  • Create project folders (3 -“Studios” allow kids to add their Scratch projects to a shared “Studio” folder)
  • Manually remove inappropriate comments or projects (4)

Creating Classes & Student Accounts

Create classes to group students and bulk add or invite students to the class. Only one teacher per class, so consider creating a shared, school Scratch teacher account and add classes by graduation year so kids can keep their work from year to year.


There are three options for creating student Scratch accounts that will be associated with your class:

  1. CSV Upload: Up to 50 students can be added via CSV file upload. The file needs to be in the format username1, password1 – click HERE for an example CSV file from Scratch.
  2. Join Link: Teachers can generate a class join link which kids click on and will be prompted to create their own user name and password which will then be linked to your teacher dashboard. NOTE: Students can ONLY be associated with one teacher/class at a time. As a work around, we created students in classes by graduation year using a generic teacher account.
  3. Individual Accounts: Teachers can sign up students one at a time

Reset Student Passwords

Teachers can reset student passwords easily with their Scratch Teacher account. Go to: My Classes –> Students –> Account Settings (under each student’s user icon). You have the option to manually change the student password or Scratch will set the password to the teacher’s user name and prompt the student to change it upon their next login.

Password Reset

Additional Scratch Educator Resources

The following are also available under the “Educator Resources” area of the teacher menu that will appear when you login to your Scratch Teacher account.


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