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Cashing in on Hour of Code Momentum

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Reflecting on Hour of Code

Last week, students in classrooms across the globe celebrated Computer Science Education week by participating in the Hour of Code. My home district of Lynnfield, MA was no exception. Students from our AP Computer Science class came down to the elementary schools and guided students as they kids worked in pairs through coding activities from code.org. For teachers looking to
provide more opportunities beyond the Hour of Code, below are some ways to cash in on the momentum of Computer Science Education Week:Coding is a new form of literacy and can be used in classrooms as a way for students to express themselves. There are many opportunities to move beyond the Hour of Code and begin to incorporate coding in your classroom throughout the year. Here are some resources to help teachers get started:

Lesson Ideas incorporating Coding:Hour of Code Students Pair Programming

Enrichment Activities / Classroom “Centers” / After-school Programs:

Professional Development/Learning Opportunities for Teachers:

  • No-cost teacher workshops from Code.org – Attend in-person or online CS Fundamentals workshops to begin using Code Studio
  • TheCodingCorner teacher resources – browse this great blog for teaching resources
  • Beyond the Hour of Code – a resource-rich website maintained by my friend and TechEducator Podcast co-host, Sam Patterson. He also has a book available focused on incorporating computer science in the primary grades.
  • CS Unplugged – free online book of “unplugged” activities to develop computational thinking skills with hands-on activities and no device
  • Subscribe to podcasts – learn throughout the year by listening to podcasts about how to incorporate coding and computational thinking into your classroom

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