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Breaking out of Drive – Adding Hyperlinks to G Suite Files

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Hyperlinking in Google Drive

Creating clickable text by adding hyperlinks to your Google Drive files allows viewers to jump easily to external websites or other Google Drive content. For teachers, this is a very efficient way to create lesson plans and resources because, rather than having to share an entire folder and relevant websites with students, teachers can create a single file that acts as a digital jumping off point. If you are new to Google Apps (now known as G Suite for Education), you’ll want to read on to learn how you can personalize student learning by using hyperlinks in Google Drive files.

How to Hyperlink Text in Google Docs

  1. Highlight the text you want to link
  2. Click on the ‘insert link’ icon (or right click & choose ‘insert link’)
  3. Add the link you want to direct users to. NOTE: if you are linking to another file in Google Drive, be sure to set the sharing permissions to “Anyone with the link can view” so they can access the file.

Using Hyperlinks to Personalize Learning

Looking for inspiration and ideas on ways you can use hyperlinks in your classroom? Three California teachers, the Hyperdocs Girls, @lhighfill, @kellyihilton and @sarahlandis literally “wrote the book” about the power of hyperlinking in an educational setting; The Hyperdocs Handbook. I have a copy of their book and highly recommend it. Check out their sharing site, Teachers Give Teachers, for free, downloadable lesson ideas organized by curriculum area. Below is an example of a hyperdoc created by @kellyihilton, but the site offers many more. I had the pleasure of connecting with these women during a TechEducator Podcast episode; “Whats All the Hype…About Hyperdocs?” 

Hyperlink Google Docs Hyperdocs Example

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