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Coding Math Word Problem Games in Scratch

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Incorporating Scratch Coding in the Math Classroom

Integrating computer coding with math in the elementary classroom is easy using Scratch. I recently challenged some of our fourth graders to create their own math word problem games. After completing their programs, students rotated around the room playing one another’s games, which made for some great math practice!  Students were provided with detailed step-by-step instructions so that they would be able to work independently, even if they were new to using Scratch.

Scratch Word Problem Game Instructions

Scratch Word Problem Game step by step instructions

Encouraging Creativity and Sharing

Students first used a graphic organizer to create their multi-step word problem. They then moved to Chromebooks, created Scratch accounts and followed the step-by-step instructions to create a basic word problem game. As students successfully completed their basic game, they were encouraged to add more complexity and creativity through movement of their Sprite, incorporation of more Sprites in their word problem story, as well as creating and using voice recordings or sound to enhance their games.  Once the student games were completed, they had a classroom full of players excited to try them out and practice their math problem-solving skills at the same time.

Scratch Coding Word Problem game sharing by elementary students

Integrating Coding into Core Subjects

I’m always looking for specific examples where coding is used within a core subject.  I hope this resource is helpful to others.  For more inspiration,  take a look at the “Explore” area of the Scratch website to see examples of projects.  You should also check out Dr. Sam Patterson’s new resource-rich website www.beyondthehourofcode.com/ which includes links for lessons, a new podcast and information about his new book!  Please share ways that you’ve incorporated coding in your classes in the comments below!



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