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Comparing Formative Assessment Tools

Easily Compare Formative Assessment Tools

To make it easier for teachers to choose the best tool for the job, I’ve created the Formative Assessment Comparison Guide. There are so many great choices for teachers and students when it comes to free, engaging formative assessment games. It may not be practical for educators to take the time to compare the features and benefits of each option, but this guide should clarify the differences and allow teachers to make the “best fit” selection for their students and use-case.

View the Formative Assessment Comparison Guide

Formative assessment comparison guide

About the Formative Assessment Comparison Guide

  • Teacher / Student Sign in: How easy / difficult is it for teachers to create accounts and begin using the tool? Does it support Google Sign In? Do students need accounts to participate?
  • Quiz builder: How easy or difficult is it for teachers to create quizzes? Can teachers find and use questions and/or entire quizzes created by others? What question types can you generate? Are special characters available for math and foreign language teachers?
  • Student vs Teacher Driven: How is the pacing of the assessment set? Do students progress at their own pace, or does the teacher control when new questions are revealed and how much time kids have to respond? Do students work independently or in teams?
  • Data Collection: Teachers use formative assessment to adjust instruction in real-time, however, many of these tools allow teachers to capture and save data over time.

I’ve tried to includes some of the most popular tools available and clearly show the differences between them. Red text is used to indicate a particular strength / unique attribute. The considerations most important to teachers determined the categories and information I included. In order to keep this as a quick reference guide, it was not possible to list all available features, but please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you notice any errors or critical omissions.


  1. Thank you for sharing this document. Having this breakdown is helpful for which assessment to use depending on what a teacher might need.

  2. @Tana – So happy to hear that you found the resource helpful!


  3. nice summary, thanks!

  4. Theresa Muschkat

    This is amazing! Thank you!!

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