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Improved Teacher Experience with Google Classroom

Google Classroom UpdatesGoogle Classroom Updates

Shout out the the Google Classroom Team for continuously improving the experience for students and teachers with new features launched today! Check out the key updates teachers can look forward to as they return to school in the coming weeks (yikes!!).

Re-order Classes

It’s easiest to view your classes in the order you teach them. Now you can re-arrange the tiles for each of your classes in an order that works for you! Do this by simple drag and drop or click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the class card & choose”Move”. Click HERE for additional Instructions from Google.

Display Class Code

Displaying the class code is now much easier with today’s update in Google Classroom. From the Students tab, teachers can choose “Display” from the class code drop down as shown below to make it simple for kids to see the join code.

View All Work from Individual Students

Now teachers can select an individual student and view all work associated with that student. This will be very helpful when assessing any missing work and much more efficient than looking up each assignment! Click HERE for more details from Google.

Transfer Class Ownership

Sometimes mid-year changes occur and now teachers and administrators have the option to transfer ownership of an existing Google Classroom and ownership of all Classroom related files. For example, last year a long-term substitute started the school year out by creating a Classroom. When the permanent teacher returned, the only option to allow kids to continue working in the same Classroom, was to add the permanent teacher as a co-teacher and keep the account open for the substitute that had left. This update will allow teachers and districts the flexibility to adapt to changes while maintaining an existing Classroom. Click HERE for detailed instructions from Google.

Google Classroom Transfer ownership

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