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Magically Fill Google Forms Answer Choices

Magically Populate Google Forms Answer Options

Using formRanger or Simple Copy & Paste to Easily Fill Answer Options in Google Forms

Populating long answer choice lists in Google Forms can be tedious, but there are two tricks that allow you to magically populate answer options in a snap! While editing Google Forms you can use a simple copy/paste to grab an existing list from a spreadsheet, or use the formRanger Add On to select a spreadsheet list that will serve as the source of your answer options.

Copy & Paste Long Answer Options Lists

For questions such as multiple choice, dropdown or check boxes, manually typing out each answer choice can be slow. If you have your answer options already written out somewhere such as a spreadsheet or document, you can copy the entire list of choices and paste them right into the first option spot for the question all at once.


formRanger to Auto-Populate Answer Options Lists

FormRanger is a Google Forms Add On that allows you to point to a spreadsheet list as the source for answer options for any multiple choice, list or checkboxes style question. Because formRanger connects your Form to a spreadsheet, any changes to the spreadsheet “master list” will automatically be pushed out to your Google Form. This makes it easy to keep answer options up to date without having to re-visit the Form. The formRanger Add On is particularly powerful when you have a single master list, for example, student or staff list, which is connected to multiple Google Forms. Rather than having to update multiple Forms, a single update to your master list connected via formRanger will get the job done! Check out my tutorial video below to learn how to install and use formRanger.

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