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Making Google Classroom Calendar Public for Parents

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Sharing Your Google Classroom Calendar

The Google Classroom Calendar can be used to help keep parents in the loop about assignments. Since Google is all about sharing, teachers can make use of the “make a calendar public” feature to either embed the assignment calendar into a public website or provide parents with a link to view the assignment calendar.  Teachers in my district LOVE Google Classroom, and the ability to share the assignment calendar with parents is a great option for keeping families informed.  Since every class that teachers create automatically has a corresponding Google Calendar which helps students to keep track of their assignments by due date, teachers can share the link to the specific class calendar.

Making your Classroom assignment calendar available to parents

  1. Go to the About page within Google Classroom for a particular class
  2. Choose “Open in Calendar” Accessing Google Classroom Calendar
  3. Access the Calendar Sharing settingsGoogle Classroom Calendar sharing with parents public
  4. Click “Make this Calendar Public”
  5. Save your changes
  6. Access the Calendar Settings
  7. Choose method for sharing with parents:  Embed code for adding inside a website or public linkGoogle Classroom Calendar sharing as public link or embedding

Video Tutorial: Making Google Classroom Assignment Calendar Public for Parents

For a detailed tutorial on this process, including how to test the link you are sharing to make sure it will be viewable by parents, take a look at the video below:


Other options for Keeping Parents in the Loop

This past week, Google announced plans for parent/guardian visibility of assignments and announcements in Google Classroom coming this fall!  I can’t wait to see these improvements, but in the meantime, making the Classroom assignment calendar public is a good option for teachers.

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