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Meet the NEW Google Calendar

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New Google Calendar Features

The New Google Calendar has a number of feature improvements that users make this must-have Google tool even more usable and powerful! See event details easily, add events more quickly and manage settings in one location. Check out my New Google Calendar Cheat Sheet. To immediately gain access to ALL of my Google Cheat Sheets, subscribe to receive monthly updates.

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View Event Details

You can now click on any event and see ALL the event details in a pop up. This includes the guest list as well as notes and attachments.  From your phone, click on the location and navigation will launch. Hover over any of the guests to add them to your Contacts, send an email or initiate a Google Hangout video call or Chat.

Google Calendar Event Summary

Event Quick Add

Click on any empty space in your calendar and a Quick Add pop up will appear. Here you can add basic event information (title, time & date). To add even more event details, click “More Options” to jump to complete event information. Events can also be added with + in bottom right corner of calendar, making the interface match the mobile version.

Google Calendar Event Quick Add

Easily Manage Settings

Calendar settings are now accessible in one place with a quick navigation menu on the left side to jump to the specific setting you need to access. Users will find this new settings menu much simpler to use. Select the name of the Calendar you want and easily change settings.

calendar settings menu

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