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Mosaic Art Geometry Project with Google Drawing

Google Drawing Geometry

Creating “Stained Glass” With Google Drawings

Grade 6 students used Google Drawing to create “stained glass” or mosaic art while practicing their geometry skills. Completed work was printed out on a color laser printer onto transparencies for display in windows. The project took only two class periods with students who had never before used Google Drawing. Providing students with the opportunity to be artistic in their Math class was very motivating.

Connecting Geometry Concepts with Google Drawings

This project allowed students to learn more about Google Drawings and the basics for computer-aided design. Some of the technology and design skills students learned through Google Drawings included:

  • Creating different shapes  using shape toolsCreating with shapes in Google Drawing
  • Duplicating shapes
  • Maintaining proportions while resizing (hold shift while dragging from edge)
  • Fill & outline settings
  • Rotating shapes
  • Layering
  • Changing the background

mosaic art geometry project

Stained Glass Art Worksheet

Teachers can easily customize the specific geometric shapes and even composite figures required. In addition to the transparency printout which could hang in the window, students were given a black & white copy on paper and tasked with labeling and calculating surface area of some shapes. Click HERE to access the Google Doc copy of the worksheet or click the image below. To create and edit your own copy, simply log into your Google Drive account and choose “File–> Make a Copy” from inside this shared file.

Geometry worksheet Google Drawing



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