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Organizing Files into Multiple Folders in Google Drive

TeachingForward Organizing G Suite Files into Multiple Folders Google Drive

Organizing Google Files into Multiple Folders

Google Drive allows users to organize the SAME file into multiple folders without duplicating the file. Any changes to the file will be reflected globally in all folders for you and your collaborators. This feature is particularly important given the collaborative nature of G Suite. The ability to access a file from multiple folders is very helpful when you are sharing items or as a way to help you stay organized.  For example, I can save a lesson plan into a folder for a particular unit and also add the same file to a shared department curriculum folder.

Shift + Z to Add to Multiple Folders:  

  1. From Google Drive, click once to select the file
  2. Once the file is selected, press Shift + Z to open the Add to Folder menu.
  3. Select the ADDITIONAL folder you want to add the file to
  4. Click +ADD button to complete the action.  Google_File_into_Multiple_Folders

Removing Files from Multiple Folders

It’s important to understand that ADDING to another folder in Drive does not result in multiple copies, rather, it’s just basically a bookmark pointing you to the same file from multiple locations.  You’ll want to remember this is you decide you no longer want your file in one of the additional folders. Do NOT delete the file from a folder or it will be removed from ALL locations. Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file “Details” menu. From Google Drive, click the file one time to select it, then choose the “Details” icon from the toolbar at the top right of your screen. (see image below)
  2. This Details menu allows you to toggle between “Activity” and “Details”. Be sure you are toggled to “Details”.
  3. In the Details box, you will see information about the file including the locations for the file.
  4. To remove the file from one of the additional folders, you can click the “X” to the right of the folder name.


Organizing Google Files into Multiple Folders – Tutorial Video

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