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Rapid Feedback in Google Docs with CheckMark

CheckMark for Instant Feedback in Google Docs Teaching Forward Blog PostInstantly Add Comments with CheckMark

Providing feedback for digital writing in Google Docs is critical to help students improve their writing, but the process can be time-consuming for teachers. Recently, the folks at EdTech Team launched CheckMark, a Chrome Extension that lets teachers instantly add frequently used comments from a built-in menu.

Installing CheckMark

CheckMark is a Chrome Extension. Install it by clicking HERE and accepting the permissions. Once installed, CheckMark will be available for use in any Google Documents you open, regardless of who the owner is, making it perfect for teachers to use when providing feedback for student writing!

Using CheckMark

  1. Open the Google Doc you want to provide feedback in.
  2. Highlight the text you want to comment on.
  3. Choose the appropriate comment shortcut from the menu.  A summary of the available comments is available below. EdTech Team is working on making the available comment list customizable, which would be a wonderful addition!!
  4. Once you click on the canned comment button, the comment will appear on the right side of the document for the student to see when they enter the document. Seriously – it’s that simple!

Comment example CheckMark TeachingForward Blog Post

For more information about CheckMark, visit the EdTech Team’s site for this helpful Chrome Extension HERE.

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