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Teachers Rejoice! NEW Google Sites is at Hand!

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A NEW Google Sites!

Google has just released a completely re-designing Google Sites from the ground up…and teachers will LOVE it! You can now create a beautiful website by dragging and dropping elements onto your page. Of course Google Sites offers awesome collaboration features that have made Google Apps the foundation of so many of our classrooms.

You want responsive web designs that look professional on any platform and adapt to smart phones, tablets and computers with ease? Looking to embed content from Google Drive or other web pages without a degree in computer science and hours of time that you most certainly don’t have as an educator?

NEW Google Sites Cheat Sheet

To help teachers get the lay of the land for the New Sites interface, I’ve created a New Sites Cheat Sheet. The best thing about New Sites is the intuitive interface that will make it simple for teachers and students alike to show their creative side making their own websites!

View Google Sites Cheat Sheet

New Google Sites Cheat Sheet

Accessing the NEW Google Sites

Creating a New Google Site via Google Drive menu

  • Sites created in the “Classic” version will remain unchanged for approximately 1 year
  • Create a NEW Google Site through Google Drive
    • Click “NEW” as you would to make a new file
    • Select “More”
    • Choose “Google Sites”
  • Access Newly Created Sites via sites.google.com/new
  • Classic sites can still be accessed by going to sites.google.com 

Video Walkthrough of New Sites

There are some great video tutorials on YouTube showing the New Sites. I had the pleasure of doing a New Sites walk-through this past Sunday on the Tech Educator Podcast with Jeff Bradbury from Teachercast. I will embed that below for your reference.


  1. I’ve spent a lot of time developing my classroom site with the “old” Google Sites, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to convert or transfer my site to the “new” version.

  2. @Justin N. Nothing yet but Google says there will be some options for moving to New Sites but not clear on what that will be. They will keep the Classic Sites up for at least a year after they make New Sites available, so no need worry too much. New Sites is SO much easier and faster to get it up and running and looking great that it’s probably not as big a chore as you might think, but hopefully there will be something that makes the conversion simple.

  3. When is the new interface rolling out for everyone?

  4. Thanks for your posts. I noticed this “remove readability adjustment” in my Google Sites. What is it for?

  5. I noticed this “remove readability adjustment” in my Google Sites. What is it for?

  6. @AG – Readability adjustment automatically adjusts the image and font to ensure contrast between the two is adequate for reading. I suggest leaving that enabled.

  7. Hi Jenn. Do you know how to go about getting permission to use the new version of sites now? The links you provided for our admin to gain us access no longer seem to be working. Thanks!

  8. I am not able to use the links either. I would like to join the Early Adopter program too. Thanks!

    • Tabitha,
      Sorry but the program has been closed to new sign ups. I suspect Google will be launching the the coming months to all users but nothing official from them yet.


  9. Hi Josh & Tabitha-
    The Early Adopter (Beta) program is closed now. No word yet on when this will roll out to all users. Hoping it will be in the coming months! Keep an eye on the launch calendar here: https://gsuite.google.com/whatsnew/calendar/ or subscribe to receive email notifications of updates: https://gsuite.google.com/whatsnew/product-updates/


  10. Is there a way to share the site with my students so that they can “make a copy” and use it as a template to build their own sites?

  11. Jennifer,

    This is a great resource for all educators. I have recently presented my thoughts and reflections on the new Google Sites and have included a link to your amazing post: http://www.teachercast.net/2016/11/13/google-sites-reflection/

    Thanks for all of the hard work you do to keep us updated and on our digital best!

  12. I thought the new Google sites was supposed to be open to everyone today? Is that not the case?

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